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After setting myself up with a nice little nest egg in order to do almost anything that I wanted, I decided to head into the route of helping as many people as possible. As anyone in the industry today knows, the pushing of unregulated supplement lines has become all too rampant in todays athletic society, and we’re finding ourselves in a place where there can be almost anything in the pills you take. This does more than just potentially have negative effects on your health, but we’re seeing professional athletes finding themselves facing suspensions and charges from sports for taking pills laced with performance enhancing drugs against their own knowledge. There is a responsibility and an expectation that comes with using someone’s product, and when that product is tainted, then you find yourself questioning the whole industry.

It was my ambition to change that, at least in a small way that I could control. I aimed to open a health and supplement store in my city that could be the source for heavily inspected and knowledge sources of supplement. This is done for one main reason above all, and the reason behind the name of this site, which is also the name of the store I operate. I believe that humans are not unlike many other machines. There is a bunch of small parts that come together in unison to ensure that the whole works correctly. And not unlike any other machine out there, there has to be the right fuel coming in to get the most out of it. Sitting and calorie counting, or weighing your portions and the like can help you, but overall it’s much more about the quality of the substance you use, rather than the quantity.

I wound up finding the perfect location in the downtown strip and immediately went to work on setting it up to be the right location for my needs. During this time, I spent a lot of energy researching through hundreds of different brands of supplements and other health items that could be brought in to be the right representative of yielding positive results, while eliminating the chance for negative effects. I put my degree to use when it came to discussing the prospects with local and national suppliers and manufacturers, and quickly found myself eliminating hundreds of different brands form the running.

I also started speaking at local schools and kids clubs on the values of nutrition, knowing the foods that go into your system, and overall trying to get across a better understanding of the need to be aware of what’s going inside our bodies when it comes to fuel and additional beneficiary supplements. This gathered up a fair bit of support and followers before I even started to think about opening the store full time, which was my objective as I wanted to, like anything else I did in my life, hit the ground running. Now that the foundation was in place, I put focus into the physical store.

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